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Optical Brightening Agent 4PL-C (C.I. 220)

Chemical name: Stilbene bistriazine derivative

Structural formula:



Amber liquid


≤50 mpas

PH value:




Ionic character


Treating process:
1.Addition via size press: combined with starch, CMC, PVA and other products designed for surface sizing. Usual dosage: 0.5~10g/l
2.Addition to the pigment coating mixtures: adding in any stage of building coating material. Good performance with the carrier of CMC, PVA and starch. Usual dosage: 0.1~1.4% on dry white pigment.
3.Addition to the stock: adding without dilution. Usual dosage: 0.05~1.2% on dry pulp.
For actual application, the process should be adjusted according to correspondent sample-test.

1.Convenient in application,diluted with water perfectly, suitable for continuous addition.
2.Good acid stability
3.Great performance in size press and pigment coating mixtures


Mainly be used in size press, pigment and addition to slurry


200kg,1000kg or for the special demand.

It needs to be declared that the above data is based on our present knowledge and experience; owing to too many affecting factors, these data cannot be free from their check and test when processing and using the product.

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